Are Rental Kiosks A Passing Fad?

With movie rental giants like Blockbuster shutting its doors for good, there are rumors being spread that portable rental kiosks are soon to follow, especially with the increase in popularity for online movie rental sites like Netflix. It is clear that movie rental kiosks have now become the replacement of video stores; everything that you know about videos stores all condensed into one small booth. From a business standpoint, these kiosks are easy to set up, and can be placed in various places. And with no staffing or large-scale maintenance required, these movie rental providers are able to rent out their movies for as little as a dollar per night.

I’m certain you have at least seen one of these machines at least once every time you run an errand somewhere. These kiosks are numerous—in supermarkets, shopping centers, corner stores, and even petrol stations. To set up a movie rental kiosk only requires a fraction of the cost it takes to set up a dedicated store like Blockbuster. While this is great news for entrepreneurs, how would this affect the customer? With a solid search function in place, it takes little to no time to search up the exact movie you’re looking for, and you do not have to worry about a movie being currently unavailable for rental, or having to wait in a long queue.

Most of these rental kiosks often offer to rent out movies for as a little as a dollar per night. Which sounds like a great deal, though is actually a rather crafty marketing strategy employed by the rental companies to pile on the revenues. People with busy lives may not always be able to rent out a movie and return it the next day. More often than not, a busy person would rent, and then return it a week later when it is convenient for the consumer. A repeat customer who often does this ends up paying more than he would normally pay if he rented out a movie through a video store.

But there are ways these rental kiosk providers do to add additional value to their rental services. Rental coupons and codes are an example of this, and you can visit places like to find great discounts and offers for rental prices, mitigating the long-term downsides of the $1 per night business model.

Whether or not these movie rental kiosks are here to stay depends on the customers. They may be easily accessible, but they do not have a clerk there to help you if you’re having issues operating the kiosk. For all we know, movie rental kiosks may become obsolete in the next few years just like the video stores of old.


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